mardi 16 octobre 2007

What is CSI Miami ?

The TV Program that I choose is CSI Miami. CSI means Crime Scene Investigation. As you can imagine, is a kind of Columbo upgrade TV Program of one hour. Every episode starts with the discovery of a cadaver. During the episode you see the whole process of the investigation and it ends with an arrest. It's nice because each episode is a new investigation. I chose this program because it's very interesting to see how they can resolve a murder. It's a very scientific program, with truth and full of intrigues. As you can imagine by the title, the story takes place in Miami. The principal characters are part of a crew and the CSI team is led by Horacio. He is the chief of the Miami police. Horacio looks like he is in his fourties and he's a redheaded tall man. He is protective of his team and he is verry good and open handed with others. He seems to be very professional and resolved to do a good job to stop scum. Horacio is supported by a team of detectives and scientists. They are Calleigh, Eric, Tim and Yelina.